Mike's 2002 GMC Sierra 2500HD

Mike is the proud owner of this 2002 GMC Sierra.


This truck is Mike's new toy, and came stock with a 6.0L V-8.


Looks pretty good, just having had a bath. Mike just recently got this truck, and it is nicely equipped and very powerful. Crew cab is needed for the wife and kids... Who says you can't have a toy with a family? There are a lot of future mods to come on this truck, including, a cowl hood, crystal headlights, and clear cab lights, and thats just the beginning.


A well equipped interior, with such cool things as CB radio, Sony sound system, and of course, what cruising car would be complete without fuzzy dice?


Here's that screaming 6.0 V-8. It is very quiet, and very powerful. (This truck brought the webmasters old Tahoe back from New Alexandria PA and didn't miss a beat.


Amazing what a good coat of wax does...Brings out the gunmetal grey factory paint...


Mike added a few sets of driving lights, and crystal headlight and turn signals so he could see better at night.


Let's not forget the tire/wheel combo...Looks great!


Completing the look are the euro tail lights, as well as the chrome gas filler door.


Whats next? We'll have to wait and see...