Matts 2004 Subaru WRX wagon



Matt is the owner of this 2004 WRX.


This car is Matts baby, and came stock with All Wheel Drive, 400 HP at the block, 317 at the wheels. 2.0l turbo boxer 4cylinder engine...Which makes for a fun ride!

Here's some of the mods done to the WRX...

Grimmspeed up pipe
Scoobysport downpipe
Tsudo 3" exhaust
Grimmspeed EBCS boost controller
Cobb SF intake
STI top mount intercooler
550cc injectors
Blouch performance 16g turbo, ceramic coated and p&p'd with a forced performance 8cm^2 housing
Tokico spec d gas shocks
Swift WS springs

are just some of what has been done to the car currently, but I'm sure he won't stop there.

Where did you take the poor car Matt?

This is what the Subie looks like on a dyno...So whats the number? He'll never reveal...

Matt's Subie sitting at McConnels Mills State Park.

Blouch performance 16g turbo on left, factory stocker on right...


More to come!