Brian's 1989 C-2500 Suburban

Brian is the happy owner of this 1989 Chevy Suburban.


The truck is a custom ordered Chevrolet Suburban .It is a 3 owner truck with 90,000 miles on it. It two tone blue and silver with blue interior.


350 Cubic inch V8 coupled to a Turbo 400 Transmission...Very clean under there!

I need to grab a marker light and do a little work to that front corner...easy to do!


Grabbed this Lund Moonvisor... Guess where it's going!


How did you guess!


Looking good from the front.


Very clean Suburban considering it's 25 years old.


The tailpipe comes out right in front of the rear wheel...


This is my plan, hopefully I can pull it off...


What's next? We'll have to wait and see...