New vs Old


By Mike Tobin


With this the economy at its lowest point it has been in a while many car enthusiast are putting their hobby on hold this is why I say to you forget new buy used. I am an owner of a 2004 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 It has 73000 on the clock and still runs great.  I have plenty planned for it. The car is 8 years and in great shape. 

Nobody is made of money unless your one of the top 5 % with disposable incomes that can afford to void warranties and have no issue putting out a chunk of change in regards to electrical issues and what not. With any car that you buy used will always be a gamble that’s why you start small buy looking for a body style you like then shopping around. Plus it helps if you have a reliable ASE certified mechanic that you can call and look over the future investment.

If you look at any car magazine for tuners you always see used cars that are done up. Only the big name companies do up new cars for covers but you can see from page to page used cars with upgrades that make them better than a newer generation of the car. This holds true for trucks as well because a lot of these newer cars that come up are made of plastic and the owners are afraid to put the hammer down or take them off road where as the older trucks and cars you can find the parts really cheap and if you ding or dent them it’s just an excuse for a new mod.

Just look on you can find any car you want under 10,000 or cheaper as an example. Another reason why it is better to take an older car to modify is there is usually more options available and ideas for that particular car where if you buy it brand new it takes usually up to a year or sometimes more for the aftermarket community to catch up.